Red-Letter Day

Today is a special occasion. It may be your final day of chemotherapy, the day you met your future spouse, the day you purchased the land your great grandfather circled in prayer for his descendants, the day you met your mother, or the day you saw the light and chose to pursue it. These are days and times we choose to remember and celebrate. It’s natural to do so; but what about those seemingly uncelebratable moments?

The end of a marriage,

the loss of a home,

a series of disappointments at work,

a stage four cancer diagnosis,

a wrongful imprisonment,

or a literal slap in the face?

It is unnatural to celebrate these moments. Our flesh refuses to perceive any of these instances as good, pleasing, or Godly. Our eyes do not allow us to see past the obstacle into the spiritual realm without help—without a corrective lens or healing from blindness, you will miss the opportunity to see what the Lord has done and celebrate it.

A Red-Letter Day refers to the notation of special dates on calendars that were highlighted in red. These were so-called special occasions. Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter are a few examples. These are days we recognize as reasons to celebrate each year. But what about that stage four cancer diagnosis?

Tonight, as you close your eyes to sleep, may God heal you, Blind Man and Blind Woman of God so that when you awaken, your eyes will finally see the light.

Tomorrow is also a special occasion because not everyone gets to truly see it. It is a gift that few will experience as new. Most who live to see it perceive it as ordinary. Open your eyes and your heart to view each day as a Red-Letter Day.

Blessings, y’all.

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  1. What a marvelous outlook! I will try to apply that to Thursday. I’m dreading surprises that day, because I would rather look forward to a planned day. It will be my 80th birthday. No surprise party, please!

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