Breathe On Me

Good morning friends,

Happy Monday to all who are reading while it is still today. To be clear, today is now—it isn’t sanctioned by clocks or calendars. When you rise up and wonder what day it is, be reminded that it is “today.”

Today is a day that our Lord has made, and he wants you to live out loud and breathe him in as a second-by-second reminder of his precious breath in your lungs.

Whenever I get overwhelmed or short-tempered, I remember to check my breathing. Most often, I notice that I’m taking shallow breaths like I’m grasping for it, searching for it, desperate for it. I see myself running—just running, and it replays daily until I stop, collect myself, and stop running both physically and emotionally. Then I can truly breathe him in again and again until I’m back on track and in sync with his breath—the same breath he breathed into Adam’s nostrils.

What I remember in those moments is that I’m desperate for him—my Poppa, the giver of good gifts, the author and finisher of my faith, my father and friend. If you’re anything like me, you need this desperate, shallow breathing moments to bring you back to the well so that you may become well once more. As you know, Poppa meets you at the well.

Today, when you meet him, let him breathe on you. When you feel a gentle breeze caress your face, say “Breathe on me.” When your sweet baby boy or girl looks at you and smiles, say “Breathe on me.” When you get that green light and another and another on your way to work, say “Breathe on me.” Any opportunity you get to acknowledge him, do so and breathe.

Blessings on your day! Enjoy this beautiful reminder to breathe from Crystal and Natalie.🥰

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