Out of Hiding

Glorious Tuesday morning, friends! As I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I stayed put for a minute or two in the darkness just to breathe and acknowledge God’s breath in my lungs. As I focused on that miracle, I could hear the soft sounds of gentle rain falling outside. I had two fleeting thoughts. 1. Where’s my raincoat? 2. Traffic is gonna be a bear. Then, Poppa lulled me back into his presence and reminded me of my assignment — I am to be salt and light today — to be a light bearer and a truth teller in this dark world. I am to be a vessel of salt, adding strength and encouragement to hurting and hopeless brothers and sisters. For me, that translates to calling people by name.

One of my gifts is to remember names after long periods of time. When I meet parents in the community and their kids call my name, I almost always respond by calling their name. That always starts a conversation. How do you know her/his name? He /she never gets in trouble. Then I go on to explain that it’s just a goal of mine to remember students and to call them by name. I’m of a certain age now that it may take me a little longer to remember, but I almost always remember. To see the smile on kids’ faces and young adults’ faces when I remember them is priceless. That’s an example of being salt and light because it means that I’ve been there to listen, to guide, and to correct as part of their village.

We’ve all heard the saying, It takes a village to raise a kid. I agree with that, but I’d refine it a bit — It takes a willing and able village to raise a kid. Be cognizant of who is speaking into the lives of your children. Are they light bearers and truth tellers? You get to decide who is part of your village. Choose wisely, and God will do the rest. May blessings abound in your life.

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