In Medias Res

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Glorious Sunday morning, friends! If you’ve made it through the clutter of letters, you were destined to get here, and this message is for you. Far too often we allow the junk or clutter in our lives to wall up and keep us from seeing and hearing clearly. We hear so many messages that they deafen us, and in some cases, suffocate us. If that’s you, know that God’s breath is in your lungs, so breathe. If that’s you, know that you have been set apart, so acknowledge that and adjust your posture to walk upright.

There are three categories of people who happened upon this post: those who saw the gibberish and left the post, those who scrolled through the nonsensical stuff until they saw a word they recognized, and those who looked ahead—realizing that this was likely an exercise. Which category describes you? There’s likely a fourth category—those from the first category who heard about this post from a friend later on and gave it a second chance.

I call that fourth category The One. Our Lord leaves the 99 in pursuit of the one. All 99 are valuable, and His eyes are fixed on them, but The One is vulnerable out there and needs community more than he realizes. Sometimes life’s clutter distracts you so much, that in your attempt to escape it, you run away from your safe place where God has hidden you and right into the enemy’s crosshairs.

God wants to part your clutter just as he parted the Red Sea, and walled up water on each side so that the people of God could walk on dry land. He can also make a way in your wilderness if you listen for his still, small voice in the middle of your story.

In medias res is a term I learned in 12th grade English with Mrs. Helo. Its loose translation is “in the middle of the narrative.” Be mindful that wherever you are today, that your story has already been written. It has a beginning, middle, and an end. Do not let the clutter you see before you now prevent you from getting to the juicy parts of your story. You know full well that the author and finisher of your faith wouldn’t leave out the juicy parts. Even if you’re mired in clutter of the mind right now, know that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Keep walking intentionally with God, toward God, and for God. He will ALWAYS make a way.

Blessings, y’all! <3

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