War Cry Affirmations

Top of the morning to you, friends! After an outpouring of love regarding yesterday’s post, I began to pray over each of you. The Holy Spirit prompted me to listen to our Music Monday song again and pen these words of truth for you to SPEAK over yourselves.

Listen to “We Prevail” once more (or 20 times in my case). Usher in his presence with your praise, friends and be blessed.

War Cry Affirmations

Your hope holds me close, dear Lord.

You’re my confident assurance, Abba.

You’re my hiding place, my Lord.

You are faithful, oh God!

You are my shield!

You are my salvation!

You are my defender, oh God!

Your word is my shield, Father.

You will fight for me, Abba.

I praise you because you are worthy, Sovereign Lord!

I have already prevailed in the name of Jesus!

Victory is mine! I hear the sound of victory!

My praise is my War Cry!

My tears are my War Cry!

My bended knees are my War Cry!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Glory to God!

I have prevailed in YOU, oh God!

Merciful Father…gracious God…Prince of Peace…

My walls are coming down.

My Jericho is coming down.

My praise is my War Cry!

God, I see the victory. It’s close at hand.

I’ll keep walking, dear God, until I come face-to-face with the manifestation of your promises.


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