War Cry

Glorious Monday morning, friends! Today I’m reminded that I haven’t written a Music Monday post in a couple years and that the power of scripture through song is our collective war cry.

All weekend I’ve been listening to Miranda Curtis and Sinach. Whew! Any worries I may have had instantly turned into worship. I want that for you, friends.

Take a few minutes to cleanse your body, soul, and Spirit of all the worries and clutter that are littered throughout your temple, and let out a sigh of relief. You may need to do this a few times as worries pop into your head again and again. Sigh out loud! Again! That is your fierce war cry. In your case, it might be a single tear. God sees it and hears it as it travels down your face. That is your war cry. That tear is your agreement to walk with Him and to stay in the fight a little longer until you lock eyes with the manifestation of what God promised.

Until then, cry out to him in any language you can offer. Praise him for all he has done! Thank him for clearing your path and keeping pestilence from your dwelling place. Thank him for provision. What looks like a little in the natural will feed 5,000. Multiply, oh God is my war cry!

What are you crying out to God for today? He hears you. He stoops down low to hear your cries. You are blessed in the city, my sister. You are blessed in the country, my brother. Cry out to God today. If you’re feeling weak, he can finally use you. If you’re heartbroken, he can use you. If you feel lost, he can use you. Offer up your war cry and feel his presence.

Praying God’s abundance over you today as you take more territory for our Lord!🥰

We Will Prevail – Sinach (featuring Miranda Curtis)

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  1. There’s a line in the song that says “I have prevailed IN YOU!” Prevailed…to be victorious! Our victory is IN JESUS! There is no greater high, blessing, privledge than to be used by the Lord. Meditating on what is my war cry today…Thank you Michelle for this word this morning.

    1. Jill, thanks so much for reading and for responding. We all have a War Cry in different seasons of our lives. As we transition from summer to fall, know that there’s a war cry during the shift.

  2. Amen , love the words god allow you to prepare and share that touches the world each day . Strong black woman , we all know Principle Michelle have a great day . ❤️ you allways

  3. Thank you my daughter for these “on time powerful words” that I shared with my family and relatives. As a family God spoke to us through you! Continue to be used as an instrument for God as His Words flow through you!🥰😍 Love you dearly!

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