Road to Revival – Day 2

The next time I walked along this road, I passed the familiar markers of lives snuffed out like candles. What once was alive and well is now dead, dry, and crumbling — decaying little by little over time and becoming one with the earth. As I walked in the stillness at daybreak, I surveyed the plots of land more closely this time, revealing partially buried shards of glass, remnants of bones, and a long-forgotten, rusted store sign that read McKinley’s, peeking from beneath a worn-out mattress.

There were fewer houses on this street than I remembered. Joy‘s house and Feasting‘s place were gone — like when they passed away, they actually took their homes with them.  As I turned the corner, I noticed more grave markers along this street, but this time I believe my vision was distorted, blurred from the silent storm brewing and anticipating an encore. Daybreak’s heavy blanket covered the spot where a screened porch should be, attached to a tiny framed home with paper-brick siding where Greeting lives. Her yard has blooms and berries and structure and whimsy — a feast for the eyes — the belle of the ball. Finally, there’s HopeGreeting‘s longtime neighbor, beckoning me closer to offer me tea. I chuckled and told her I prefer coffee with chicory. Nevermind my tastebuds, the sunlight revealed what Hope threatened to spill, Greeting was dead; it was sudden. I turned away from Hope, shocked by the news. I cried out to God as she breathed her last breath. Guess she was shocked too.

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The Road to Revival is a 28-day illustration of how God has used me to bring Revival to all of you. This year’s Celebration of Sisterhood (COS) is themed Revival. It’s a half day virtual conference featuring 10 speakers who will pour into women of diverse backgrounds. Our anchor verse for this year’s conference is Isaiah 54:1-6. We encourage women to watch in community so that they have thought partners to unpack the day with. There’s plenty of room for you under this tent. Join us as a small group, a medium group or a large group by clicking here.

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  1. It sounds like death while, yet, still alive. Trapped in a casket yelling for help, but no one around to hear the voice of distress.

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