Road to Revival – Day 1

The Road to Revival lies in a sometimes forgotten segment of my hometown community where Laughter, Singing, Cooking, and Merriment once lived. Though the road still exists, those four residents seem to have long since moved away or perhaps even passed away. I visit their graves a few times each year — slowly walking from one to the other — leaving a path of prayers behind until I can visit the next time. I don’t bring flowers, but I always bring a little sunshine, and I shed a few tears to moisten the ground in hopes that the next time I visit, the ground will be ready for planting whatever God tells me he’ll grow.

I’m not a gardener, but I can manage to plant a few seeds. Whatever he gives me to plant each time, I spread them very generously along that Road to Revival. I know I may not get to see the fruit in my lifetime, but Laughter‘s daughters and Singing‘s sons just might. Cooking‘s grandchildren and Merriment‘s great grands might even taste them.

I challenge you to be alert, to be present because God is doing something brand new along this road — not just in my town, but in yours too. I perceived it as far back as 2016 when I received my first heartful of seeds. I didn’t know what to do with them then, so I kept them close to my heart. Eventually, I transferred them from my heart to my hands and finally to my pockets for safekeeping until the next time, and there will be a next time.

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The Road to Revival is a 28-day illustration of how God has used me to bring Revival to all of you. This year’s Celebration of Sisterhood (COS) is themed Revival. It’s a half day virtual conference featuring 10 speakers who will pour into women of diverse backgrounds. Our anchor verse for this year’s conference is Isaiah 54:1-6. We encourage women to watch in community so that they have thought partners to unpack the day with. There’s plenty of room for you under this tent. Join us as a small group, a medium group or a large group by clicking here.

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  1. This post brings back memories of the simplicity of life. The new age of life with all the busyness, burdens and unrest can cause us to forget to stop and smell the roses.

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