From the Deep

This past week I spent a significant amount of time in the Book of Jonah. I love a good story about love conquering all — especially death. The author used such beautiful imagery to help you imagine Jonah’s plight. If you’ve never read it, or haven’t read it in a while, I suggest you add it to your list of good reads.

I can relate to Jonah in one respect — listening to God the first time. A younger version of me freestyled a lot. God would send me one place, and I’d sprint in the opposite direction, only to find myself right where he intended me to be all along. If I were a car, I’d have lots of unnecessary miles on my odometer because I always chose to take a route that led to him eventually.

Perhaps you have a bit in common with Jonah and me. You want to please God and hear well done at the end of your journey, but you want to do things on your own terms. Perhaps you’re not even thinking about God. Maybe you’re just living your best life here and hoping for the best at the end of your best life. Whatever your perspective, know this: God is with you always.

When my life was ebbing away, I remembered you, Lord, and my prayer rose to you, to your holy temple.

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Jonah was in a world of hurt. The author describes his Pre-whale, During-whale, and Post-whale experience like a powerful crescendo, decrescendo, and pianissimo. I can almost hear the accompaniment in the background as Jonah sinks to the roots of the mountains inside the belly of the whale with seaweed wrapped around his head and surrounded by the deep. Even McGyver would’ve had difficulty getting out of this prison within a prison.

As Jonah’s life was ebbing away, he remembered God. His distress signal rose from his watery grave in the depths to God’s ears in the heavenly realm. Just like that, without a word, God’s boundless love for him commanded Jonah’s captor to release him immediately, and it was so.

If you’re reading this and think you’re too far gone to deserve this kind of love, you’re right. But if you’re reading this and believe that you’re too far gone to expect this kind of love, you’re dead wrong. Even when you shut him out, he shuts you in so that you’re safe within the fortress of his love. You might be seeing this global shutdown as a prison. I charge you with reframing that mindset and using this time of isolation as Jonah did — to remember God. Trust that your distress signal will make it to his ears as well. Blessings, y’all.

P.S. What’s your story? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you like Jonah? Scroll down to the comments and share.

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  1. I must be heading in the right direct. I was reading a similar story this morning and have been spending a lot of time with my Heavenly Father. I’m a work in progress and everyday I’m working harder. Thank you for your guidance, your devotion to the Lord, and your willingness to share it with us. Blessings.

    1. Michele, it’s very obvious that you love the Lord and are devoted to him. I see it in how you love your family and all of us. Keep going deeper. He’ll definitely meet you there.

  2. I’m taking this time in quarantine to recharge my batteries. I am also in the Word and putting on my armor everyday, so when I go back out into the world I’m ready. It’s been a huge blessing. Thank you for this wonderful insight, no matter how far you run or hide, God is right there waiting for you. I love Him for that. I want to praise Him for never giving up on me.

    1. Julie, I love that you’re using your time wisely. You know your kiddos are watching. We have to show the world that we who call God our Father have been set apart to do good works. He shows us how to do those things in his word. We are so blessed to have it and him.

  3. Thank you for this reminder that avoidance is not new. God is so good. He shares His love and compassion with us even when we are trying to make a run for it. Love your heart ❤️

  4. Thank you for your inspiration. We always want to take the right road, yet We take a wrong turn and still end at the right place .

  5. My daughter, In the Lord and even closer, your writings set the fire in our thoughts; are as a swirling storm encaptured with wisdom to change; and a breath of fresh anointing transcended through your fingers from the Lord, just to get what we need to read from the Lord. Thank you for your “principle”!

    1. You have been training me up for decades, and for that, I’ll love you forever. Thank you for reading. These principles are just a small portion of the harvest. My prayer is that the laborers are en route.

  6. Am I like Jonah? In a way. I often get an idea about what I want to do and then decide to ask (tell?) God to bless it. If it doesn’t work out, I can think “God failed me!” when in fact, I failed God: I should be asking God what He wants me to do and then ask Him to enable me to accomplish it, rather than trying to force Him to meet my will.
    I would like to say that was a habit from my youth that I have completely overcome, but that’s not really true. I’ve probably gotten better about seeking His will, but every now and then….

  7. I feel when I hold Gods hand and take his guidance all is well. But, when I don’t – guess what. But, I have learnt that routine and discipline in my spirituality, ensure I hold God’s hand , transform myself and follow his direction.

    It is funny how we are when we are younger. Life is a fabulous experience.

    PS: I am not christian so I don’t always understand the bible books. But, I love reading what people like yourself have to say and your interpretation of it. I find this helps awaken me a wider thinking. I think for me to think wider is so important. Too hear things in another point of view and voice. Because, this then leads me to fabulous insights in my spiritual journey.

    thanks for a lovely post.

  8. I love your analogy with Jonah. That book is dear to my heart, having experienced such depths and running from God’s presence. And he did pull me right up from death and destruction. Thanks for such encouragement!

      1. It’s a bit challenging at times but I’ve done so much remote teaching over the years that it’s not as much of an adjustment for me. I’m blessed!

  9. “… God’s boundless love for him commanded Jonah’s captor to release him immediately, and it was so.” And it was so. Isn’t it amazing how GOD can command things to happen and within an instant it is so? I love that about our Creator, He loves us so beautifully. I wrote last night about loving our enemies and praying for this who persecute us. “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” Matthew‬ ‭5:44‬ ‭NIV‬‬ Love covers a multitude of sins. Love is boundless and when we attempt to imitate GOD’s love oh the joy. Be blessed.

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