On Principle

Long before this global slowdown, I slowed down to reflect, to recalibrate, and to reimagine possible.

My world began to shift last summer, and I knew I needed to stop (or at least slow down) to fully acknowledge what was erupting and oozing from everywhere, or so it seemed. Life was still happening all around me, but I was in a fog of emotions and a maelstrom of thoughts. There was nothing I could do but slow down and ask God to corral this weather phenomenon jet streaming through my head.

My gift of isolation began last summer. When everyone else headed to the beach, I retreated. You might think from my tone that I was depressed, but I wasn’t. I may have been hard pressed on every side, but I wasn’t crushed. God was doing something new in my life, and I definitely knew it. I also knew that this wasn’t a business as usual shift springing up. This was something completely different.

My time of reimagining possible began last summer. I noticed and noted that when I sat still or boxed up my emotions and thoughts and blended them with plots of far too many Netflix movies, my fog grew exponentially and became heavy. I also perceived and jotted down that when I began to slowly move, so did the fog. So, I began to move more and more each day with intention. I began to speak to God on my long walks, noting that we had become thought partners yet again.

My time of recalibration began last summer when I began to hear God’s voice again — to feel his presence all around me and to see him in all his creations. I even started to see him in me. It’s amazing how slowing down just a little (or a lot, in my case) can completely change one’s perspective. My arrested state prevented a personal pandemic.

We should never allow the world to dictate when or why we slow down.

Do what you need to do in order to thrive, and do it as if working for the Lord. Whatever you do, do it on principle.

5 Thoughts

  1. For those who take the time to internalize (which is a gift of grace because this world offers so many distractions) the Lord will lead you to still waters. Oftentimes to restore your soul and for you to be quieted. These are the moments one tend to grow the most and learn more about the Lord’s true plans for one’s destiny. Some how on our journey, we’ve been shaped and abiding by societal expectations which are not reflective of our identity. There’s nothing like one knowing who he or she is in Christ. I’m happy you were afforded the opportunity to steal away Michelle, let the journey continue. God bless and stay safe!

  2. Michelle, I couldn’t agree more with this. What you’ve written here is one reason the global pandemic hasn’t emotionally affected me too much. I’d already learned to slow down and take hiatuses when I feel them, not when someone else deems it so. Anywho, I’m glad to have read this and to know you’re doing well.

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