Necessary Endings–Part 1

Glorious Monday morning, friends! I trust that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, but I also hope that you’re still thanking God with each breath you take and with each move you make. Thanksgiving is not a one day affair — though the world would have you believe that. We have lips to praise him and hope in our hearts that he is not sitting idly by watching you endure tumultuous times. He’s very present. When you begin to believe in that which is unseen, you will begin to see further and clearer.

My walk with God is no different from yours in many ways, but I also realize that each of us walks a road meant solely for one. You never know where it’ll take you, but trust that God knows, so you can’t get lost when you’re following his lead. After all, he is The Good Shepherd. Whether you’re lying down in green pastures or walking through the darkest valley, know that he is with you. He is not sitting idly by watching you. He is very present.

Though you may not understand why he’s taking you to parts unknown, trust that the one who knows all, knows all. Lean in. Listen. Seek him with your whole heart. Spend more time with him than you spend watching the clock, watching Netflix, watching your Facebook feed, watching your neighbors, watching grass grow under your feet, watching paint dry, watching water boil, watching reality TV. God is not sitting idly by watching you. He is very present. Follow his lead. Lean in. Listen. He is doing a new thing, and so should you. Blessings, y’all!

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  1. Good morning! This is a glorious Monday. Just read “Necessary Endings-Part 1” and this has rekindled truly a boost in my morning! I am so full of joy knowing my student is doing a great work for the Lord.

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