SHAKE, Shake, shake – Part 4

Now that the Shake-ing has stopped and you have the key, free your mind. Your PRISON is your mind. It’s a powerful warden appointed by the one whose mission is to steal your joy, kill your dreams, and destroy your life. Free your mind of the chains that hold you in place — the chains that won’t allow you to lift your hands to praise the one who was and is your cover.

Now that the Shake-ing has stopped, LIVE. Because he loves you, you have life. This life shakes. This shake-ing is like a warm, loving embrace that gently cradles you and rocks you sweetly and slowly back and forth. This shake-ing is the smell of burning wood from a nearby chimney signaling the start of Autumn. This shake-ing is the quiet of the first snowfall signaling the start of Winter. This shake-ing is the tiniest green shoot pushing its way through the ground signaling the start of Spring. This shake-ing is the emergence of the beautiful, delicate butterfly signaling the start of Summer. This shake-ing is the beating of your heart. This shake-ing is your first kiss. This shake-ing is baby babbling. This shake-ing is graduation from college. This shake-ing is starting your first business. This shake-ing is knowing the one who was and is to come. This shake-ing is perfect LOVE. It is your cover, and it casts out all fear. Praise God for the SHAKE-ing. Praise Father God for the Shake-ing. Praise Abba Father for the shake-ing. Praise him for his abiding LOVE.

If you enjoyed this four-part series, share it within your sphere of influence. Someone is in the middle of the SHAKE-ing right now. This message is likely the answered pray for someone who thinks that this SHAKE-ing is all there is. They are begging God to stop the SHAKE-ing. Give them hope so that when the SHAKE-ing stops, they can rest in his LOVE.

Now take a moment to enjoy my Music Monday selection from Travis Greene and Steffany Gretzinger entitled “Good and Loved.” Blessings, y’all.

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