SHAKE, Shake, shake — Part 3

Now that the SHAKE-ing has stopped, you can breathe. As you endured the sinking sand, the muck and the mire, and the trials of many kinds, you felt helpless. You held your breath and prayed to God in desperation, begging him to stop the SHAKE-ing. Because he loves you, the SHAKE-ing continued — pummeling you, bruising you, and breaking you. Because he loves you, the SHAKE-ing continued. Because he loves you, the SHAKE-ing continued until you were cracked, pulled apart, and scattered.

Now that the SHAKE-ing has stopped, breathe and brace yourself for the Shake-ing. You’re likely already in a heap on the floor or in the fetal position on your bed, crying softly from deep within. No words can articulate the depth of your hurting nor can they speak to the depth of his love for you. The Shake-ing is akin to an aftershock. The Shake-ing is sometimes as strong as the SHAKE-ing, but it comes over time. It isn’t as painful and it doesn’t endure. You survived the worst of it. This, too, shall pass.

Now that the Shake-ing has stopped, begin to pick up the pieces. Wipe your eyes, girlfriend. Stand to your feet or kneel right there. That’s a brave step, Sis. You’re almost there — you’re almost free. Look around at all that’s broken — prized possessions, books littering the floor, kitchen in shambles, and shards of glass strewn about the room. You catch a glimpse of yourself in one of those shards and wonder who’s looking back at you. Bewildered by your own reflection, you feel the next Shake. It’s more subtle, but it still startles you. Hot, quiet tears begin to stream down your face as you fear more SHAKE-ing; yet, you feel a gentle rumble — similar to distant rolling thunder. Because he loves you, the Shake-ing continues. Be careful in this space. Take your time in this place. Tread carefully among the brokenness; danger still lives among the heaps. These broken pieces cannot be reassembled — just swept up in piles to meet their timely death — burned is best so that they cannot be recycled and reused in someone else’s life. What remains can be left behind. In fact, they MUST be left behind. Your next step is the key to your freedom. Stand to your feet or kneel where you are. Either step is a brave one, girlfriend. Either step is a key. Because he loves you, he has set you free. Because you love him, take the key.

Join me tomorrow for my Music Monday post and Part 4 of SHAKE, Shake, shake. Blessings, y’all.

4 Thoughts

  1. Sometimes it feels like the shaking will never stop, like your life is a 5 on the Richter scale. I could never have come this far without His Comfort and Love to guide me. Your blog hit home for me.

    1. Terri, when he gave me this message, the SHAKE-ing in my life had just stopped. I didn’t know how to articulate it yet until the Shake-ing began and ended. I love how our Father speaks to and through me. I’m a blessed girl, and so are you. Love you BIG BIG.

  2. It’s hard to understand why we have to go through this but in the end there is always a reason. We see how we are made stronger by these shaking.

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