SHAKE, Shake, shake – Part II

Shedding that Cloak of Cliches is harder than you think — not just because of the weight of it all — but because it’s like a second skin. It’s thick — insulating you from whatever tries to get to you. It’s a wall, a barrier, an armor, a fence, a border wall, a cocoon, a cave, a pit, a PRISON. Getting released from PRISON (especially a self-imposed one) is just the first step to freedom. Facing the mindset of others who come face-to-face with you — an ex-con — is one of the toughest trials of many kinds that you must get past. Couple that with your own mindset and the lies you’ve been telling yourself; and just like that, you’re fighting in a war you didn’t see coming, just from shedding that outer garment.

So let’s take some time to address the first SHAKE. That SHAKE is sheer madness. There’s no need to brace yourself for it; you will get knocked down, pummeled, suckerpunched, toppled, and flipped. This SHAKE is a quaking of the mind, body, and spirit. Only the one doing the shaking can stop it, but he won’t stop it until everything in your world is cracked, broken, bruised, pulled apart, and scattered. When God does the SHAKE-ing, know that he will stop it when you STOP It — whatever “It” is in your life. And when you stop It, the SHAKE-ing will stop. Finally, he has your attention.

Now it’s time to sit wherever you are because he is there — weeping as you weep for however long it takes. He has time for you. Ease off your cloak, hoodie, hat, sunglasses, designer everything, and anything that serves as an impenetrable barrier to the world around you. Fall into the Father’s arms and breathe. Allow your heart to stop racing, but allow your tears to flow freely for however long it takes. He has time.

Join me tomorrow for Part 3 of SHAKE, Shake, shake. If you missed Part 1, click here. For the next few moments, enjoy my Music Monday selection from Common Hymnal entitled “He Has Time.” Blessings, y’all!

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