Spiritual Disciplines – Day 1

Glorious Sunday morning, friends! As I look out my bedroom window, there’s just a hint of snow remaining from Friday’s weather event, but the chilly temps are still hanging around until later today according to Siri. I’m really starting to embrace winter. It has never been my favorite season because it takes time and effort to prepare to go out. My morning routine works best in spring and summer — hair still wet from the shower, no jacket, no socks, no sleeves.

Winter requires layers; and if you’re a diva, those layers must coordinate well. I’m not a diva, but I can relate. I’m learning to pull a few items together the night before, praying that everything fits. My default winter wear mantra? If it stretches, it fits. I also remind myself that if it doesn’t fit, a duster or jacket can cover it. Sorry, not sorry. I just have to own it–whatever “it” is.

Owning it is not always easy though — especially if you’ve been thrust into owning it. Right now I’m referring to suffering. As I scroll through social media posts and watch the evening news, I see so much suffering. People are asking for prayer, lamenting their circumstances, calling for an end to hate, and grieving publicly. I know this isn’t necessarily news to any of you, but my heightened sense of awareness to suffering is the reason for this post.

Also, I’ve been spending a great deal of time in the word of God since I started a Master’s program in Divinity this semester. When God opened that door, my first thought was What on Earth do I need another Master’s Degree for? Just as soon as I thought it, God clapped back with Because I said so.   That was the Alpha and the Omega of that conversation. Sometimes our conversations about a particular topic last for days. This one was different — mainly because now I’m different, and I’m finally starting to see it. I remember singing the lyrics to a Brandon Heath song one morning, and I remember how quickly that prayer was answered.

Gimme your eyes for just one second. Gimme your eyes so I can see — everything that I keep missing. Gimme your love for humanity.

Give Me Your Eyes – Brandon Heath

My spiritual eyes are seeing more now than I’ve ever seen, and I’m so grateful for that answered prayer. So, now what? Once your eyes are opened, you can’t just sit and watch as you may have done before. Here’s my advice: Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. You may not be suffering in this season of your life, but someone close to you is. Spend some time with that person to help them to endure the suffering. When I traversed the roughest terrain of my life, one-on-one time with my friend Ina and a one month visit from my family were treasured times. They couldn’t take away my pain and suffering, but they certainly lightened the load. Are you willing to be a burden bearer in this season? I pray that your answer is yes. May blessings abound.

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