Uncharted Territory

Morning blessings to you! I trust that this message finds you well — in your right mind and with full control of your limbs — the perfect vessel to be God’s hands and feet. So, let today be the day that no complaint comes from your lips — just send up praises to our Almighty God that you are still here — equipped to serve with an abundance of gifts from the Father. You have been chosen. It’s not happenstance that you are where you are. Attribute it to Divine Planning on our Creator’s part long before you were even conceived.

I know it’s easier to pout than to praise when you’re facing what you’re facing. Seems like your world was sunny just yesterday, and today there’s a mountain obstructing your view. Guess what? Mountains move if you tell them to move. Whew! Did you catch that? You have command of the mountains in your life! Now, don’t get it twisted. This ain’t magic, y’all. All power comes from the Omnipotent One — our provider and power source. If you’re feeling weak today, count it all joy. God can use you best in your weakness. I can certainly testify to that.

I was convicted by one question in scripture this past week when I struggled with unbelief in one area of my life: Is the Lord’s arm too short? As I was looking for a bookmarked verse, I  silently questioned how (and brainstormed ways) God could move my mountain. That’s when I saw this verse for the first time.

Is the Lord’s Arm too short? 

Numbers 11:23 NIV

He proved to Moses that there is no limit to his reach. Remember the Quail Miracle? As you begin your routine this morning, know that there’s nothing routine about it. Today is uncharted territory; you’ve not experienced today before. Embrace every second of it — even if the strength of your embrace is limited, embrace it with all your might. You won’t experience today again. Remember to rejoice, Chosen One. May blessings abound!

Before you leave today, pump up the volume and get ready to dance. Here’s my Music Monday selection from Sinach entitled “I Know Who I Am.”

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