Will You?

Good Monday morning, friends! It is my sincere prayer that wherever you are, you are healthy, joy-filled, and satisfied with all that our sovereign Lord has done in your life. For some, he has provided a bumper crop of blessings as seen through the lens of the world — financial wealth, exquisite jewels, multiple homes, and car collections.

For others, it appears that he has forgotten them, forsaken them, and generationally cursed them. Through the lens of the world, that is their lot; but through the eyes of the believer, we know that he’s far too good to leave those who love him behind.

Perhaps today you are on a path you’ve never traversed before. It’s unfamiliar, scary, and dark. Many of us have been there, and some are there now. What’s interesting is that we all must act as pioneers — forging our way into uncharted territory. We can’t depend on others to walk THIS path and clear the way for us. This path is meant for you to go alone. Sure, it’s unfamiliar, but God knows the way. Of course it’s scary, God is doing something new. Embrace it even though it may be difficult. Oh, and it’s dark — very dark, but you’re traveling with the light of the world. Darkness is as light to him.

So, will you go? Will you walk down into the valleys and climb the rugged mountains meant for you? He’s able to level those mountains and fill every valley.  I urge you to go. Take a step–even a baby one and watch him surprise you. Look for signs and wonders immediately after taking that first step. If it seems really unfamiliar, scary, and dark, allow him to go before you. He’s dying to go. May blessings abound! <3

Before you leave, please take a moment to listen to my Music Monday selection entitled “So Will I” by Tori Kelly.

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  1. Michelle, God is really using you to bless me during my time of concecration. He has been telling me to just continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving and when I do, I see Him moving on my behalf with His favor. Also, I was just reading the chapter in the Circle Maker book that was saying the same thing…faith without works is dead. LOVING YOUR POST.

  2. As always with God’s perfect timing, you ministered to me in places I hadn’t realized had been hurting. Too much busy-ness, not enough stillness. Love you, Sis.

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