Solution to Darkness

John 8:12 (

It’s interesting that whenever there’s a power outage, we scurry to find a flashlight. Are we afraid of the dark or desperate for the light? Perhaps it’s both. We fear eternal darkness; however, on some level, we know that light is the only answer to darkness, and we have access to it.

Even non-believers search for light in the darkness. That gives me hope that our efforts to draw others to our sovereign Lord aren’t in vain. All that we do to unite the body of Christ is kingdom work. It’s easy to love those who love us back, but oft times it’s difficult to love (or even like) prickly people. Everyone knows a prickly person — someone who puts up her quills the second you advance toward her. Hugging her is out of the question, and kind words are met with skepticism.

Part of my life’s work is to wear down those quills respectfully over time. Sometimes, our persistence and love are what teach others how to love. We can’t assume that we all know how to do this great thing that covers a multitude of sins. If we follow Christ’s example, we’ll spend time with those who are hard to love. Imagine countering every side-eye or grimace with a smile, kind words, and a short prayer on their behalf. Eventually, over time the wall of quills will soften and allow us closer. So, keep shining your love light. It’s a sign of God’s love in this dark and dreary world. May blessings abound! <3

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