No Chains

There’s nothing more liberating than being released from prison. The air is sweeter. The sun is warmer. The path is clearer. I can only assume that being convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit is heartbreaking. That explains, in part, why so many prisoners “find” God while incarcerated. He is close to the brokenhearted. Some might argue that there’s nothing else to do other than reading what’s handy and working out. My argument is that you always have choices — even when you’re in prison.

What about those who are completely responsible for their imprisonment? Do they also have choices? With all sins being equal, consider the serial killer and the serial drunk driver who is also a murderer. Should they have choices? Should they ever experience the smell of sweet air, the warmth of the sun, and a path that is clear? Consider the pedophile priest and the juvenile school shooter. Should they have choices? Should they breathe the air of freedom, bask in the rays of the sun, and freely walk the path before them? Thankfully, these questions are rhetorical and we aren’t charged with making those decisions. With all sins being equal, shouldn’t I be convicted of my past, present, and future offenses? If your answer is yes, then trust that I’ll save you a seat, and we can read the Word together since the Word is for everyone.

Today, I’m thankful that we aren’t necessarily imprisoned for our sins, but we are sometimes our own jailors. We put ourselves in boxes that we’re afraid to step out of. We build walls around ourselves  and are afraid of letting anyone in. We dismiss the idea of freedom with our limiting beliefs, and we lose our connection to the air, the sun, and the path when we fail to connect to our Liberator.

Join me today in breaking free from those things that have held you in captivity for so long. If it’s decades of lies, confess them all to Father God. The truth shall set you free. If it’s unforgiveness, then forgive as the Father has forgiven you. If it’s shame, remember who you belong to. No one should be ashamed of being the son or daughter of the Most High King. Step into the sun. Breathe the sweet air of freedom. Walk the well-lit path before you, and walk boldly into the land that God has given you access to. May blessings abound!

Before you leave, check out this throwback from Ginny Owens entitled “Free.” <3

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