What’s Missing?

Good Monday morning, friends! I’m excited to start this week for a couple of reasons. I’m on leave this week, so I can sleep in or get up early; the choice is mine. I could cook a big breakfast with grits, eggs, bacon, and potatoes or just eat a bagel and some fruit. Again, the choice is mine. Another reason that I’m excited is because I’m experimenting with my future schedule this week. Call it future rehearsal if you like. All this week, I’m going to spend time working on book ideas, refining presentations and talks, and meeting with a coach to grow my business. I’m going to stick to my schedule and create a healthy work-rest balance.

Most people merely dream about their future — hoping that the promise stated in Jeremiah 29:11 is true. Why not experiment with the future you hope for? If you have some vacation time or a day off in the near future, give this future rehearsal thing a try. When God gave me a glimpse of my future, my dreams were no longer in my head. They poured out onto paper, the blogosphere, at churches, and at work. I’m confident that one day that all of my wildest dreams will come true. I’ve already scratched the surface, and I plan to get another taste of God’s bounty this week. Over time I’ve learned that we’re destined to repeat the same, miserable cycles over and over if we have no hope for the future. We spend our lives trying desperately to belong by conforming to a world that’ll soon be gone. What’s missing? Trying to make your dreams come true apart from the one who planted those dreams in your head is foolish. Give that relationship a try, and your future rehearsal will soon be your reality. May blessings abound!

Before you leave today, take a few minutes to rock out with Danny Gokey. He figured out what’s missing.

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  1. great words of praise ,inspiring when you are in the spirit all things of life is possible.no limitations.

  2. Twin…this came right on time! I appreciate you sharing your journey as you inspire this trini girl.

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