Day 26 – Room for Two

I woke up this morning, and I’m grateful for that. I’m even more grateful that there’s a song in my heart. That’s how I start each day — with music. Whether it’s in my head, my heart, or my playlist, God always plays whatever I need to hear. Do you set the table for your intimate time with God? Part of planning our time together means setting the right atmosphere with soft music, scented candles, and coffee brewing in the background. He provides the rest for our date. For the past 10 years for sure, we’ve been in love. I absolutely crave our daddy-daughter time each morning.

As you continue your walk with Father, remember that there’s only room for two. Whether you’re on a tandem bike or riding in a Smart Car, there’s only room for two. You don’t need a third wheel. So, as people leave your life due to misunderstandings, arguments, or differing of opinions, just know that it’s been ordained. You don’t need any distractions to cause you to veer off course. The destination has already been set, and your Navigator knows the way. Let him take the wheel since he’s the only one who knows where you’re going. Oft times, that means moving far away from those who have hurt you and even those who love you. Trust me when I say that God’s intentions are good, and he won’t withhold any of his goodness from you.

Parting with the past is such sweet sorrow. It’s sweet because your passenger makes it so. It’s sorrowful because you’re wondering What if — What if I was supposed to give it one more try. What if I call him or her one more time…what would happen? You could What if all day and still never know the truth. If God steered you away from that life, your new one will be amazing. Look for his treasures throughout each day. He has planned a glorious day and a beautiful life for you — if only you stick close to him. Don’t pick up any hitchhikers. Remember, there’s only room for two. May blessings abound! <3

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  1. Michelle:

    You write so beautifully … the images are so clear.
    This is so true … I have done this a couple times and it always works out! And I don’t have too many “what ifs”.

  2. My friend you know I am going through some murky waters right now. I toggle between a little angry and confused with human bureaucracy but I know that God has a plan and He will use this desert time to humble and refine me. Reading your blog today gave me a joyful glimpse of the future. Thank you for leading us in surrender I am waving the white flag!

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