Day 25 – The Smell of Pine

Growing up, Saturday was clean up day. I had two choices — either get up and help or get out of the house. Most often, I chose the latter. Doing chores was not my jam, but I did (and still do) love the smell of pine. My mother would get up pretty early and start cleaning in the back of the house where the only bathroom was. Her cleaner extraordinaire was Pine Sol. On any given morning, you could smell a hint of it in the air, but on Saturdays, that scent wafted through the air to gently wake us up, and then it traveled down the road. I still love that scent and use it to clean my own home. What I discovered when I was in college is that not everyone loves the smell of pine. Say what, now? Yes, you heard right. Some find the scent a little overpowering and offensive.

As you continue to clean yourself up to walk with God, there will be folks who find you — God’s masterpiece, to be a little overpowering and offensive. Believe it or not, many will be attracted to you, but others will not. Get ready for it. Now, it’s not your job to try and convince them that you are the real deal. Take note of their reaction to you, and keep it moving. Showing them the light will prove futile. They must have ears to hear, and theirs are closed. Take your good news and share it with all who are willing to listen. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, God will never infringe upon our free will, and neither should you. Your job is to use your light to attract others and to make disciples. You are NOT the Savior.

Take your message of freedom with you wherever the Lord leads, and never grow weary of preaching, teaching, and reaching everyone God affords you the opportunity to meet. Tell everyone whose you are — though showing them speaks louder than mere words. Ask Father how you might best serve him today by serving his people. Remember to invite him into your home, every conversation, and every decision you make. Also ask him to finish what he started. May blessings abound!

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6 Thoughts

  1. This is a beautiful post Michelle! I remember those Pine Sol Saturdays too. You’re so right that not everyone will appreciate the “aroma” of the good news, but as long as we’re faithful in sharing, God will do the rest.

  2. Ears to hear… says it all..

    I heard this only a week ago, that Jesus said if they have the ears to hear let them hear.. or something like that.. it is a profound statement on many levels

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