Day 24 – I See the Light

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad. Aren’t you glad to be alive? Everything in creation will turn toward you today as a cynosure — a beacon that beckons them closer. Take note as you continue to practice surrender in your life that your power to connect with others will be heightened. Those who desperately search for something more will turn to you for guidance. Embrace it and boldly speak of our awesome God and his marvelous light.

Be careful not to stray from the truth. All the attention you’re sure to experience may cloud your judgement and feed your ego. It’s one of the enemy’s snares. He loves it when the broken idolize you because it takes the focus from the only one we should adore. You’ll perceive his traps sooner than you did in the past and move right past them shouting Glory to God!

The old you might have fallen prey to flattery, but this new creation truly knows from whom all blessings flow. Never grow tired of telling the world who fuels your praise and who orders your steps — who appoints and promotes — the one that you adore. Our gracious God has taken time to clean you up, but he has also taken the liberty of cleaning up your surroundings. Many who are captivated by your bright light will be saved and get a glimpse of eternity. Thanks be to God for that! Many more, however, will be doomed to live in this world with no hope of anything more. The choice is always theirs — to choose life or something else. God will never infringe upon our free will.

Use your light today for good. Take note of your heightened ability to connect with others, and use this time to tell them about the Lord of Lords. Invite them to surrender, and show them how to do it. God will use you to rescue others from an enemy that is too strong for them. Be strong and courageous for God is with you, and he will reward your obedience. May blessings abound! <3

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