Day 22 – In the Stillness

Scripture reminds us that all things must be done properly — one thing after another. It doesn’t mention anything about taking shortcuts or omitting things. Another translation states do everything properly and in order. Again, the message is clear that there’s an order to things, so we must follow the natural order of things. Much like the wash cycle, you can’t rinse before you agitate. You also can’t skip to the final spin before you rinse; otherwise, what’s in the wash will still be soiled.  God uses all of his creations to illustrate that point in the natural.

Think about your own growth from infancy to the present. If you have children, it’s likely you can recall all of their firsts — first smile, first words, and first stepsThe same is true for you. Now that the spin cycle is over, you’ll sit in the stillness — in the darkness, waiting to emerge. You know that you have surrendered much over the past few weeks, and you know that you have grown. By focusing on one thing at a time, you have become keenly aware of this worldly custom in its many forms. You have become an expert, giving you both the insight and the tools to root out those things that keep you tethered to the world.

For now, we wait. As we wait to emerge, there’s time to pray. Thank God that you are no longer the person you were at the start of this challenge. Ask Father how he might use his new creation. Tell God that you’re ready to serve in ways you’ve never served before. Someone has been waiting for this new creation, but you weren’t ready. Until you endure every cycle of the wash, you won’t be ready for your debut. For now, just breathe, rest, and pray. Your new life starts now. May blessings abound! <3

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