Day 21 – The Spin Cycle

One of the many joys of writing this ministry series is that I get to focus on things we tend to overlook in our busy lives, like the washing machine cycles and ordinary weather phenomenons. Whether you realize it or not, you will pay more attention to them each week as they both serve as metaphors for life.

Imagine all of the dirty water from the rinse being siphoned out of the inner drum of the washer. Notice how quickly the water drains due to the many hole or pores within that drum. It is virtually impossible for there to be any standing water left in the bottom of the drum. Even if there happened to be a little water left, the spin cycle would surely take care of that little omission.

God’s ways of cleaning us up is creative. He doesn’t use our knowledge of cleanliness to refine us; he surprises us each time and rarely gives us time to prepare for each cycle. Just as soon as the old behaviors are drained from your life, you might only have a few seconds to brace for the spin. You have absolutely no control in this situation. As this cycle begins, all you can do is hold on and let him do what he does best. We’re not used to relinquishing our control in our lives. Letting go and letting God? Ha!  That’s just a cliche’ to most of us. We say it but don’t mean it until we start to spin. As you start to spin — slowly at first — you think you still have a chance to control this situation, but then things start to speed up, and you couldn’t slow down even if you wanted to. It’s ok though; you’re in good hands. May blessings abound! <3

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