Day 20 – Rinse Cycle

God is so good. For the past 10 days, it’s been raining in my neck of the woods. We’ve had a few thunderstorms, wind, hail, and now there’s just a light, misty rain. Father used this common weather phenomenon to illustrate the journey to surrender. The wind, hail, and thunderstorms are akin to the agitation — shaking loose any residual worldly customs from our hearts and minds that keep us bound. As I listen to the soft, steady rain this morning, I can feel the difference in the air already. We needed the rain to wash away all the layers of pollen and other allergens that have been a source of agitation in the lives of many who suffer through seasonal allergies. This reminds me of the rinse cycle. The water is cool, refreshing, and the source of new life for whatever is in the wash.

Life is not always linear, but it is predictable. There is a time for everything — including a reprieve from life’s agitations. As you go through the “rinse cycle” along your journey, imagine God sprinkling you with life-changing water — rinsing away all the remnants of your past life that keep you connected to the world. It is by his power and might that you are changed into a new creation.

Take a minute now to share what God has done to renew your mind in the past few weeks. By focusing on the renewal of your mind, you are keenly aware of your default behaviors in response to that thing you surrendered. How has God positioned you to come face-to-face with more opportunities to surrender? Our time together on this specific journey is coming to a close, but use the tools in this challenge to surrender other worldly behaviors in your life. Our meeting is not a coincidence. It is a divine appointment, and it’s imperative that you keep it. As you go through your day today, focus on the rinse cycle. What do you see him gently washing away? May blessings abound! <3

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Click here to continue to Day 21 – The Spin Cycle.

3 Thoughts

  1. The blessings is he washes me daily of any unforgiveness, any insecurities, worldliness and restores my peace.

  2. God is helping me with worry, but I also need to relinquish annoyance with people who are always complaining. It’s so easy to complain about them!!!

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