Day 19 – Agitation

As you walk this road, have you noticed any changes? Perhaps the path is no longer nicely paved. Maybe it’s pocked with potholes and cracks. Have you experienced any storms, trials, or tragedies in this season of surrender?  Those life experiences have a tendency to rock your world. Expect this type of agitation as you’re going through the wash, but remember that God is with you.

When you’re learning how to surrender and how to be obedient, life can seem complicated if you’re analyzing it with a muddled mindset. Looking at life changes through God’s eyes gives you hope when things seem hopeless. That’s why it is imperative that you seek your answers in the word of God. Getting advice from a friend who is just as lost as you will get you nowhere but stuck. The best way to get unstuck is to sit at our Father’s feet. Imagine wisdom just wafting from his perfect lips to your imperfect ears and caressing every worn out thought in your mind until it is in alignment with his will. If you can’t see that, then close your eyes.

I challenge you to stop right where you are and give God his due. Relinquish your praise. Pour out your heart to him. He knows your thoughts and needs, but he wants you to surrender — to submit everything to him. Read a little of the word each day and challenge yourself to go deeper than mere memorization. Until you go deep below the surface of the water and get shook up, you will never experience the renewal — the rebirth and the higher heights that God desperately wants for you. May blessings abound! <3

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  1. I’ve been tempted to worry, but mostly I remember to relinquish those thoughts to God. Walking seems the best time to praise God, if only I could keep the focus on him!

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