Day 14 – Step on the Scale

I’m curious. When was the last time you stepped on the scale? Some people check every single day! That may seem excessive, but when you’re dieting or experimenting with a new lifestyle, you see weight loss (or gain) as the measuring stick to determine whether you’ve met your goal.

What if I told you that you have been on a weight loss challenge for the past 13 days. How would you respond to that revelation? I know how I’d respond, but I’m curious to hear from you.

You see, when we’re working to transform our bodies, we only focus on the outside — what the world sees and detests. Infrequently, we start on the inside and work our way out. We step on the scale sometimes; and when we don’t see the number we can agree with, we make excuses. That’s just water weight. I’m just bloated. Let me factor in 10 pounds for the clothes I’m wearing. Some of those excuses might be true to some degree, but there’s more stuff that you haven’t accounted for.

Think about all the stuff you’re holding onto that’s keeping you stuck in one spot — all the heavy baggage and garbage you’re emotionally hoarding. How much does all that stuff weigh?

Grumbling — 15 lbs.

Coveting — 12 lbs.

Lust –22 lbs.

Shame – 50 lbs.

Unforgiveness – 5 lbs.

Imagine shedding all this weight — the weight of which keeps you stuck, sedentary, and unmotivated. How much extra weight are you holding onto? If you could surrender all those things, you would shed an entire person, and that person is the old you — the old woMAN in the mirror. It’s time to let her go. There’s no more room for her in your temple or your jeans for that matter. Kick that chic to the curb, and leave all her bags there with her. May blessings abound! <3

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5 Thoughts

  1. I’ve been absent for several days. Glad to be back for a check in; this is good! “Laying aside every weight that so easily besets us…” Apostle Paul, wasn’t it?

  2. “Kick that chic to the curb, and leave all her bags there with her.” Pwahaha!!! That’s COLD, Michelle, but that’s EXACTLY what I’m in the process of doing! And I hope that said chick has somewhere to go cuz she ain’t NEVA welcome to come back here!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed that! Yep, she’s on the curb with all her stuff. I hear Beyonce singing in the background: “To the left, to the left…everything you own in box to the left.” #byefelicia

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