Day 11 – Look in the Mirror

The key to transformation is having an awareness of where you are now and where you hope to go. Being completely honest with yourself is as important today as it was 10 days ago. If we were journeying to physical fitness together, you might look in the mirror and notice toner arms and legs at this point. You might even experience some degree of weigh loss if you are committed and sticking to the plan.

Romans 12:2 reminds us that transforming into a new person is completely dependent on renewing your mind. Most often, the biggest hurdle we encounter is in our heads. Distinguishing between fact and fiction requires that you take a long look in the mirror — figuratively speaking. Think back to the start of your journey. Where were you then? Now that we are at Day 11, where are you now? Have you made some progress? Let’s look at your goal again. Where are you on the continuum from where you were to where you want to be?

It’s time to dig deep. Identify three things that you will do this week to move you closer to your goal. Scroll down to the comments, and share your three action steps. Remember that consistency is the key to creating a healthy, new habit. May blessings abound! <3

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9 Thoughts

  1. Consistency and practice. I think the moment we realize here we want to go, we really have to do something step by step to reach it. =) Nice words. =)

  2. I will be more positive, look up more : ), and spend more time focused on the solution rather than the problem.

  3. My three goals this week will be to focus on taking better care of myself, intentionally slowing down to take time out, and completing a few time-sensitive tasks that will help me to finish my school year strong!

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