Day 9 – Idols

Be mindful of how you spend your time — especially as you go through this challenge. Remember that the goal of this challenge is to offer you strategies for surrendering everything that keeps you tethered to the world. A secondary goal is to shine a light on those worldly customs and behaviors that you might not see as such. What you give your time and attention to can easily take God’s place without you even realizing it. That’s why it’s really important to pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal truth — your truth. That truth might just come from a friend, so pay attention.

People who accept correction are on the path that leads to life, but those who ignore it will surely go astray. (NLT) ~Proverbs 10:17

When you encounter criticism of any kind, take a little time to chop it up. Chopping it up is just slang for taking the message apart with a friend. Choosing a friend who is on the same path to life is essential. Together you can discern whether the criticism is helpful or not — especially if the message isn’t shared out of love. Remember that you prayed for the Spirit to move, so don’t shun the movement because of the messenger. May blessings abound! <3

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  1. Thank you Michelle, I am so grateful for this daily study. My bible study is over for the summer and It is easy to fall out of the word when you don’t have a good group of sisters in Christ to keep you in line. I spend every extra minute outdoors once the weather is nice and the gardens are in I play utube prayers and my jam when it is quiet so that I can meet Him there. Still I need to find more time alone just focusing on his plans for my day and not mine. 😇

  2. That’s an excellent suggestion to examine criticism with a friend. I laughed when I thought about my situation. My husband is about the only one who will criticize me, and he is also the friend with whom I would examine criticism. I will be on the alert to see if God is sending me messages via John.

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