Day 2 – Pray With Expectation

The most exciting part of this challenge for me is having the privilege of praying for all of you — praying that you are transformed. Prayer is a staple in this journey. Together we will begin praying God’s word back to him with confidence. You don’t have to know every story in the bible or know where to find a verse for every situation in order to pray fervently to our Father. Use the tools you currently have–your mouth and Google. Honestly, all you really need is a desire to have a relationship with him that grows closer over time. That requires that you make time for him and talk to him. Just like any friendship you currently have, you must spend quality time together in order for your bond to get stronger.

Shake things up a little this week. If you have a dedicated prayer time and space, take that conversation on the road — literally!  Who says you can’t talk to God in the car? Perhaps you’ll start your day with worship music instead. Those lyrics are inspired by the word of God. Those aren’t just beautiful words; they’re prayers. I’ve been listening to songs about surrender to help me discern what exactly I need to surrender. I haven’t figured it out yet, but when I do, I’ll share it.

For today’s assignment, pray for yourself and everyone else on this journey with us, and expect God to answer. Scroll down to the comments and offer a short prayer. Remember that wherever two or more are gathered in his name, he is there in the midst.

P.S. Don’t forget your homework, and by all means, please interact with each other. Here’s my prayer for all of you. <3

Father God, thank you for this day.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it. We adore you and only you, Lord — not just for who you are and what you’ve done, but for what you will do over the next few weeks. I know that you will move in a mighty way and free us from whatever has kept us bound. Lord, give us your eyes — your perspective to sit high and look low if only for a few seconds. Allow us to see what we’re keeping from you, and give us the strength to let it go. We need you to do a deep and thorough work in us, God. As our provider, Jehovah Jireh, give us this day our daily bread to strengthen us to be real with ourselves and trust you to do the rest. May we be shrouded in your love as we take this journey and be transformed along the way. We ask all these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

May blessings abound!

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  1. Oh ! Heavenly farther,I thank u for waking us up this morning cause u didn’t have to.I ask that u cover us today in your blood.Send your angels to camp around us as we travel to and from our jobs.continue to look over my family,kids,grandkids,church family,pastors and 1st ladies.Look over us as we continue to do your will and let us make the best decisions today in your name.Amen

  2. Good Morning Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Thank you for this glorious day. Thank you for all the gifts you have placed here for me to enjoy as I walk with you today! Eyes to see the beauty you created, let me really look, ears to hear the sounds of nature and voices that I will encounter today, let me really listen, a tongue to speak words of encouragement and gratitude, let me think of Your glory before I speak. Thank you for all of the women in this group who will do their very best to glorify You by their actions for the people they come in contact with today. Give us all open minds and open hearts. All of us desire to be good holy women point out anything in us that offends you and give us the strength to overcome it. We love you Holy Trinity and pray for your presence today and every day in Jesus holy and perfect name. Amen

  3. God, please help us to hear your voice louder than any other today. Please give us the courage and grace to be obedient to your voice and promptings. Father please help our hearts to be fertile ground where your seed can be planted so that we may become the people you created us to be. Let us be reflections of you to shine light in a world filled with darkness. We ask these things in Jesus’ name.

  4. Heavenly Father,
    I commit myself to you, along with each of the beautiful spirits which have joined me in this journey of transformation. Father, allow us to travel about this day doing the works which you have commanded. Allow us to come boldly before you with our deepest desires and prayers. Where there is fear, replace it with courage. Where there is doubt, replace it with faith. Where there is confusion, replace it with clarity. Father, God, give my brothers and sisters a new boldness for you. Ignite their hearts with a love that only you can provide. And Lord,let no prayer go unanswered – open up the windows of heaven and pour down unexpected blessings this week for each them.
    This in your name I pray.

  5. Heavenly Father I thank You for the many wonderful blessings you’ve given me. For the miracles when I’ve thought things were over for me.
    I thank you and ask your blessings on this wonderful group of people
    In Jesus’s Holy Name Amen and Amen

  6. Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for this group and for the opportunity for us to share together for this month of miracles. Lord, please help us walk in victory and to become free from every chain the enemy tries to bind us with. Please help us to rise above the cares, worries, fear, and pain of this life and to always remember that You are right here with us with Your strength. Together, we are fully equipped to overcome anything. Help us to trust Your will and to surrender our will for Your will. Help us to soar with wings like eagles as we rise above our burdens and struggles. May we find comfort in you today.
    In the mighty name of Jesus we ask these things.

  7. Lord, please give us all a sincere desire to be transformed to be more like you. Thank you for inspiring Michelle to bring us your word and to coach us. Bless her and us as we pray for ourselves and each other.

  8. Father, we acknowledge your holy name and thank you for the things you make possible through your name. Thank you because you said your name is a strong tower and those go into it receive safety. Thank you for safety through your name. Thank you that you honor your name and direct us to live in way that bring glory to you. You are amazing. I ask direction for this blog, Lord, and for those of us who are participating in this “dedication” and growth together. I ask that you use the ministries of each participant as she daily brings her talents for writing and witnessing to the blogging world. Use our words to comfort, and use our words to show the lost how to find you. Thank you.

  9. Father God, I humbly come before you to give you all praise and glory. Thank you for keeping my mind right. Thank you for my kids’ good health. I pray Lord that I keep my promise to you to say connected to you each day. Thank you for this journey to grow closer to you. I love you Lord in all that I do may it be pleasant in Yout sight. Amen!

  10. Heavenly Father thank u for this day there will never be another like it.Father as we prepare to rest for the night give us sweet sleep in perfect peace.Heavenly Father encamp your warring Angels Michael Raphael Uriel and Gabriel round and about the four corners of our homes. Jehovah Jireh thank u for providing all our needs according to your riches and Glory. Jehovah Raphe continue to heal us from all sickness and disease that u was wounded for. Jehovah Shalom continue to keep us in perfect peace because the need is upon u. Jehovah Nissi continue to lift u a standard when the enemy comes up against us one way cause him to flee seven different ways. Jehovah Tsidkenu continue to be our righteousness. El Elyon the most high God we reverence u as the king of kings and Lord of Lords we pray u have your way in ALL our lives may we totally surrender any and all things that is not pleasing unto you. May we decrease so you can increase in our lives. We shall all prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers we ask that u guide is in your perfect will knowing that all things is working for our good because we are called according to your purposes. I pray and cover each one with the blood of Jesus from the top of their heads unto the sole of their feet. Our steps are ordered by you and the prayers of a righteous woman availeth much so I agree with my Trailblazers family we are healed delivered and set free in Jesus Mighty Name

  11. Lord, please allow the “new wine” to be made manifest in the lives of my sisters participating in this 30-day challenge. You are able! Greater are You within us!!
    “New Wine” — Hillsong Worship

      1. Please let me know your thoughts, Michelle. It’s my new all time favorite!🤗

  12. Thank you! Amen. Jesus, I lift everyone up to you that is doing this challenge. I pray that we all become closer to you seek you and feel your peace. I want to thank you for all the things that you do for us, seen and unseen. In your name I pray. Amen.

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