30 Days of Surrender

Good morning, friends! Starting May 1st, I will begin a series entitled 30 Days of Surrender. I encourage you to search your hearts and pray for divine revelation regarding what you need to release that keeps you tethered to this world. Romans 12:2 reminds us that we should not copy the behaviors and customs of this world; instead, we should trust God and allow him to transform us into someone new. Until we decide to declutter our minds and hearts of the stuff that’s been sitting there untouched, we can’t begin to grow into the person we were destined to become.

Join me each day for a two-minute devotional that will help you to start addressing some things that have been camping out with you for far too long. Today is the day that you begin writing your exit plan. You’ve been bound for too long. Today is a good day to surrender everything — every encumbrance that impedes your progress. I’ll be praying that God moves in a mighty way as you take the first steps toward freedom. May blessings abound!

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  1. I prayed for you in mass this morning. I hadn’t seen an email from you recently and I guess that’s why God placed you on my heart. I will gladly accept this 30 day challenge! 💕

    1. Praying for each other is such a wonderful gift. Thank you! I will remember to include you in mine. The Holy Spirit has been revealing just how to minister to women and girls, so I’ve been listening and waiting for the green light. I hope that you are well, sweet friend. <3

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