I Surrender All

Good Monday morning, friends! With last week firmly behind me (as it should be), I’m ready to greet this week with fresh eyes and a positive attitude. There’s something about the power of a storm to turn things upside down in your life. In my case, it was a Nor’easter that threatened to take down a few of my trees and made good on a promise to knock out my power.

Shrouded in darkness with only the sound of the howling wind in the background, I was able to put a few things in their proper place — at the feet of God. I’ve been praying for major changes in the lives of a few people that I love, and I’ve been petitioning God for years on their behalf. Although I expect him to answer those prayers, and I actually see evidence of his work at times, I know that ultimately, he will do what needs to be done in a way that will wow us all. In the darkness, God revealed that these requests, too, must be left at his feet. There’s no need for me to carry someone else’s bags for them. My tiny frame is not built to carry much, but if I must carry anything at all, I will carry three things: a positive attitude, a smile, and an expectant heart. Is there something that you need to leave at the feet of our Father?  I bet you’ve been carrying too many bags for far too long. Whatever it is, surrender it all today. May blessings abound!

Before you leave today, turn up the volume and get ready to feel the presence of God right where you are. Enjoy my Music Monday selection by Tasha Cobbs Leonard entitled “Gracefully Broken.”

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  1. What a blessing your words are this morning! I especially love the three things you can carry: a positive attitude, a smile and an expectant heart! I may use that theme if you don’t mind! Thank you for your words of encouragement. May God richly bless you this week!

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