Sunrise Sermon: Arms Wide Open

Ever have a bad day? I mean a really bad day? You know the kind of day I’m talking about — where so many things go wrong that this becomes your expectation. Before the day is even over, you just wish it would end. You’re frustrated and might even be tempted to cry. Bump that! You wept — weeping and wailing like Lazarus had died.

On those days, you just have to stop and check yourself. Is it really a bad DAY? Think about it. If you tell someone that you had a bad day, it’s safe to assume that every aspect of your day was crummy from beginning to end. Yes? That means there were no moments of joy, celebration, or grace. Right? Well, let’s reframe that terrible, no good, frustrating day.

First and foremost, God woke you up to experience this terrible, no good, frustrating day. You are healthy and strong enough to read this article and to begin recalling all the moments from the terrible, no good, frustrating day. You might be nodding your head in agreement, but now you’re searching for a few bright spots in that day — like the sweet smell of coffee you brewed that morning or the fruit smoothie you made for a mid-morning snack, or the yummy leftovers you meal prepped so you wouldn’t have to order takeout from work. See where I’m going with this?  You see, every day won’t be great unless your mind allows it to be.

My terrible, no good, frustrating day for 2018 was yesterday. I started my day as I always do — on my knees. I overslept, so my routine was a little off. Even the weather was off as we experienced a weather event called a Bomb Cyclone. I don’t even fully know what that is, but the howling wind lasted for 24 hours straight. It snowed in some areas — blanketing those areas with wet, heavy snow. We lost power. I had planned to take the afternoon off to run some errands, but trees littered the streets in my neighborhood and on my route to work, so I took the whole day off. Whew! Crisis averted, right? Wrong. A guy came to upgrade our security system on my day of rest; my dog got sick three times in the house, and I had to clean up three terrible, no good, frustrating messes. It didn’t end there, but I’ll spare you my first world problems.

As I took a little time to reframe my day, I realized that it wasn’t so terrible, and there was plenty of good in it. I was safe at home to ride out this storm and to comfort my pup (though I was nervous about an outrageous vet bill). Even though we didn’t have power until the wee hours, my husband and I ordered takeout and ate by candlelight. Terrible moments don’t equal a terrible day. Sometimes you just need to shake off the trouble of the day and lay them at God’s feet. Then get ready to run. On your mark, get set, go! Run to him. His arms are wide open. May blessings abound!











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  1. Thanks for sharing! This reminds me of an of an old saying “They will always have light at the end of the tunnel.” Just are you willing to look for it!!

  2. Good perspective of a horrible very bad day. Much is in the attitude with which we look at it. If we really study it out sometimes it is the attitude that is the problem instead of the day.

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