Hiding Place

One of my all-time favorite games to play as a kid growing up in Louisiana was Hide and Seek. As the youngest, smallest kiddo in my neighborhood, I couldn’t play many games as well as the other kids. They were more athletic, funnier, and more creative than I. They made growing up on that street memorable. They were all like big brothers and sisters to me — allowing me to play whatever they played, but they were just more experienced at everything. The one thing that I did better than all of them, however, was hide — between things, under things, and on top of things. I could hear them out there. “Wow, where could she be? We can’t ever find her. How does she do that?”

Imagine me crouching between the old wash house and the tree that rained down pecans every time the wind blew. No one could ever find me there. I blended in. Before long, they’d grow tired of searching, and they’d say “Come out, Michelle. You win!” Hindsight being what it is, I’m sure they were doing other things, and after a few minutes of pretend seeking, they called off the search, and I’d always feel as if I were the master of hiding.

After revealing myself, I’d always run inside to wash my hands, arms, legs, and feet. It was my routine. I disliked being dirty, but I always wanted to play outside with the big kids. I found that getting cleaned up erased what I had done or what I wasn’t supposed to do. Sometimes when I got especially dirty, I’d even change clothes too. Though I tried to hide my dirty, little secrets, someone was always watching.

Truth be told, someone is always watching. No matter how much we try to hide our sins, God is always keenly aware of our thoughts and actions. He knows what we’re up to even when we try to mask our dirt by cleaning ourselves up for everyone else. We sometimes believe the lies we tell ourselves — If I don’t speak about it, no one will ever know. Just because you keep those secrets buried in your heart, doesn’t mean that they can’t be excavated.

What I love about Father is that he’s so gentle when unearthing and uprooting those things that we try so desperately to bury. I oftentimes tack on a verbal addendum to my prayers — especially when I’m struggling to stay focused while praying. I always say “God, pluck out anything in my heart that’s not like you. Pluck it out from the root!” This is a prayer that he answers right away. Most times, he’ll show me what it looks like in others, and it’s rarely a pretty sight. He’s kind enough to show me what others see in me when I exhibit those traits. It’s hard to see what others see until God let’s you borrow his lens. Today I thank him for his grace, his mercy, and his lenses. May blessings abound!

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  1. The first paragraph made me recall my childhood days. Hide and seek, making tree houses, troubling elders, making fun of everything, sharing lunch boxes and a lot of other things. Yes, we can’t hide our sins and they always come in the form of some sort of payment. What we are today is what we did yesterday. Love this article.
    Have a great life! 🙂

  2. Great blog MM, your mention of hide & seek, really took me back… it’s amazing how we frantically try to clean up the outside to make ourselves presentable; but only the all-seeing-all-knowing One is capable to clean us from the inside… only He can “pluck it out from the root”…really enjoyed reading your post!

  3. We often hide things we want hidden and put our best out-front. But, we can not hide from God. He knows the deeper things hidden, the matters of the heart. Yet, there are times we are blinded to our truths, and we deceive ourselves. One of the powerful truths I’ve heard which has been life-changing is from the motivational/inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant Vanzant made a speech about our “eyes adjusting to its level of deficiency.” Sometimes, we do not know we have hidden deceits or matters of the heart unaddressed because we have adapted to what we can see. In other words, there are things “out of our view” unknowingly which need to be addressed. But, in many instances, we are unware because we have adjusted to what we can see. If you go to the Ophthalmologist, he or she is the one who reveals your deficiency. You were not aware the level of your deficiency, you did not know what you could not see until it was revealed. From the spiritual aspect, this is why we must ask the Lord to allow His Holy Spirit to reveal the deep things hidden. Sometimes we are not aware we have malice or unforgiveness in our hearts. Your post is timely Michelle because until we deal with the hidden places, we can not be free to move on and become all we are created.

    1. Amen, Sis. As long as we are here on this Earth, there is work to be done. The heart has many nooks and crannies to hide our dirt. Thank God almighty for helping us to see what needs cleaning .

  4. Great writing! I have often told my children that they have had plenty of examples shown to them of how not to behave….unfortunately, at times, my behavior being one of those people. A work in progress I am. Readings such as this one are what keep me focused on doing good and knowing He allows me to get up, dust off, and push forward. Have a peace filled Sunday my friend!

    1. It warms my heart to see your name pop up in my notifications, Mona. This, too, reminds me that someone is always watching. I’m a work in progress too (as you can see). Being transparent might just draw others to our Father. Praying that today is as beautiful as you are.

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog as always.
    God knows all our little secrets that we try to hide, but thank God for his Grace and Mercy. I’m still a work in progress. Peace and many blessings.

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