Inspiration can come from anywhere. Today’s inspiration for this post came from two places: my Music Monday selection from Tasha Cobbs Leonard and an excerpt from a 2/19/02 Woman’s World article that I found last night as I was decluttering my office space. Until just now, I hadn’t noticed the date. I’m still in awe of God’s incredible sense of timing. Since he was so generous in unearthing this little gem, I’ll share my treasured “Seven Days of Inspiration” with all of you starting today.

Day 1 – You are in someone’s prayers.

That is a great feeling to know that someone is praying for me AND for you. I’m reminded of a Gospel song by Helen Baylor that I grew up listening to. It’s her testimony, and I bet it will resonate with some of you. It’s an intimate tale of how Satan snatched her up. Had it not been for the grace of God and the gift of her Praying Grandmother, who knows where she might be.

Are you praying for anyone today? Is there a prodigal son or daughter who is on the way back home by the grace of God and your fervent prayers? One of my favorite DJs of all time ended his show with “Do one for me, and I’ll do one for you.” He was talking about prayers. My hope is that his listeners kept their end of the deal.

Take the time today to prophesy over the lives of your children, parents, siblings, and friends — your co-workers, leaders, enemies, and neighbors. After all, they’re all neighbors.

Prophesy over your own life! That you may live and not die. That you will bear much fruit. That you will stay connected to the vine — apart from which nothing grows. Prophesy that your prayers will be answered. That no good thing will be withheld from you because the Giver of gifts is a good, good Father. Prophesy that you will bust through those obstacles with the force of dynamite and look back at the fallen shards of glass that once allowed you to look at your future but wouldn’t let you touch it, taste it, live it. Your future is bright. Come out of the darkness that is your mindset and live and not die. That is my prayer for you. May blessings abound! 

Before you leave today, please take a few minutes to listen to my Music Monday selection by Tasha Cobbs Leonard (Featuring Nicki Minaj) entitled “I’m Getting Ready.” Open your heart to God’s promise to be with you always and to prepare you. May blessings abound!

4 Thoughts

  1. Omg! Love Helen Baylor!
    Her testimony is incredible and I remember another point in life being very scared, about what? I don’t even remember but I do remember her singing God Can Make A Way and tears just pouring down my cheeks like a summer storm.
    That was in the 1990s so God obviously made a way for me then and will now as well!
    Also love Jesus Cannot Be Denied.
    Will be listening to her today!!

  2. Wow Michelle this is beautuful, thanks for sharing! I know, I love the little signs we are given every day, all day! Say one for me, I’ll say one for you girlfriend!! xo 💖

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