Let It Shine

Yesterday, I made two great decisions. I said yes to one thing and no to the other. My no released a heavy burden that I was trying to carry, and y’all know my body ain’t built for baggage. Neither is yours, by the way. My yes resulted in an outpouring of love, lots of giggles, and the type of self care that my body has been craving.

I spent a few early morning hours with three girlfriends eating breakfast and filling our cups — both literally and figuratively. If you were seated near us, you’d feel the warmth of our love for each other enveloping you at your table. If you were watching as I entered the restaurant, you’d note that my sisters were unaware of my presence. They were basking in those precious few moments together and settling in for a spell. If you are still watching, you’ll note the moment our eyes met — a round of hugs and kisses, and our party is complete.

We listened to each other’s stories and took a minute to order food. After all, that was part of the reason we’d come. We met our waitress; let’s call her Mandisaaaa. She was just as beautiful as the Christian singer, and she treated us like aunties rather than just patrons. We ordered a variety of breakfast foods along with a little fried catfish. Gotta love a spot that serves catfish for breakfast! This Southern Girl is definitely making a return trip soon.

We could’ve sat there for a few more hours and still would’ve craved a few more minutes. If you’re still watching, you noticed something shining. It wasn’t our smiles or even our bling. You reveled in it and approved because it lightened your mood, and by proximity, you got some much-needed self care as well. You felt the warmth of our love as we giggled and prayed. I never saw you look at us until you walked away.

This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine. That’s what you saw times four. What a spectacle to behold — more precious than diamonds and more valuable than gold. The light of God that shines within us can’t be hidden, and as it shines through, it penetrates any darkness that may be looming. So my advice to you is to let your little light shine and never allow anyone the chance to extinguish it. You may just brighten someone’s day like we did. As for me and my girlfriends, a kind stranger picked up our tab. May blessings abound!



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      1. I’m on vacation right now — no house guests. We had people here almost non-stop from June 1 to January 15. The next round begins Feb 15 for a solid month. I love people, even love having them here, but sometimes it’s hard to find time to breathe deeply. God will be with me. Bless you for listening.

  1. Fried catfish for breakfast sounds good to this Southern gal. My granddad loved to fish and enjoyed eating what he caught. He and Grandmother ate the fresh fish for dinner, and Granddaddy relished eating the COLD leftovers for breakfast. If he were alive today, I might join him, but I’d use the microwave first.

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