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Good morning, friends! I started my day thanking and praising God for a renewed focus on thanking him before doing anything else. I issued you a challenge yesterday. Did you accept? Didn’t read my post from yesterday? You really missed a good one. Don’t be sad. I got you! Here it is: My Challenge to You. Scroll down to the comments to let me know that you’re on board.

Like anything new, it’s hard to get started. This is not like going to the gym at the start of the new year; this is so much easier. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. It could be something as simple as I see you, God (when he makes a way out of no way). Keep in mind, however, that anytime you start out on a positive journey and expect the road to be smooth, you will encounter a stretch of highway that’s pocked with pitfalls and distractions. That’s why it’s important to have a tribe or at least one accountability partner. I’m grateful to have an entire Community of Encouragers at my fingertips, and so will you when you join us.

Encouragement can come from anywhere. I found three sources of it this morning as I was reading and studying the word.



Sometimes, however, the best encouragement comes directly from your own lips.  Practice that today as well. Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are God’s masterpiece — fearfully and wonderfully made. Remind yourself that no one else is just like you. You’re an original, so be thankful for that. Remind yourself that you are dearly loved. Sometimes it’s just necessary to encourage yourself.

Before you leave today, take a few minutes to enjoy this beautiful worship song from Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers entitled “Encourage Yourself.” May blessings abound! <3

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