Be Still

Good Monday morning, friends! Take a few seconds to look at this short clip. Did it make you smile a little? Which one are you — the alert pup or the sleepy one? I bet you already know which one I am.

In our house, I’m the first one up every day. By the time my husband wakes up, I’ve been up for a couple hours talking to the Lord, writing, drinking coffee, hydrating, and eating breakfast. The second I hear him moving around upstairs, I have to contain my excitement. Part of me wants to dart upstairs to share everything that I’ve been thinking about while he slept, but I know that wouldn’t be fair. All he can muster in the wee hours are a hug and a kiss. I’ll take that though, but it’s so hard to be still.

Our prayer life can be like this, too. For those of us who are chatty with God, we come to him with everything — our joys, our sorrows, grateful hearts, questions, and petitions accompanied by tears at times. Thankfully, he’s alert and listens intently to all of it because he neither sleeps nor slumbers (Psalm 121:4).

In all honesty, we don’t really know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit of God aids us in our weakness and intercedes for us through wordless groans too deep for us to understand (Romans 8:26). That’s comforting to know — especially when the words don’t come. Even when the words don’t come, he hears us and feels the depth of our mortal longings.

If you are struggling to pray or have prayed every prayer you know, perhaps it’s time to be still. Are you struggling to hear God’s voice above the noise of your life? Maybe it’s time to turn down the volume or unplug for a bit from all those things that distract you and prevent you from hearing his whisper. I pray that today is the day that you hear him loud and clear. May blessings abound!

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  1. I love to drive in the morning. When it’s still dark, on a Saturday and I am going check out local farmers markets. I enjoyed this post, thank you.

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