Live Your Brand

Good Monday morning, friends! Let’s start the day with a little experiment. Imagine that you’re wearing a t-shirt, and on the back of it, are words and images that describe you and the way you live your life. Think about what those images and words might say about you. Are you trustworthy, generous, kind, or hard-working? Perhaps there might be a picture of a butterfly, a praying mantis, or a rose on your t-shirt. What might cover the back of your t-shirt?

I was part of an experiment like this one in grad school over a decade ago. We were asked to place a tag around our necks and to turn it around so that it hung in back of us rather than in front. The instructions were simple: Say something behind each person’s back (in writing) that describes him or her. Make a point of being positive. I still have my TAG with my classmates’ comments on it. I treasured those words then, and I try to live them still.

How you live your life is your brand. What are people saying about you? Always remember who you are ultimately representing. Live well, my friends.

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Before you leave, check out my Music Monday selection from Mary Mary entitled “Walking.” May blessings abound!

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  1. This was absolutely beautiful, impactful, and so profound. You blessed my spirit with this one. I’ve already shared it with my colleagues. Thanks bff!

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