Let’s Talk Forgiveness

Good Monday morning, friends! Lily Tomlin,  an American actress, once said that Forgiveness is giving up all hope of a better past. If we can begin there as the first step toward forgiveness, the journey may be a bit easier. Perseverating over how things could’ve been or should’ve been won’t do anything to change the past. The only purpose this serves is to haunt you.

I used to dream about how my life would’ve turned out if “this” had happened or “that” hadn’t happened, and I always felt empty or sad afterward. Sometimes I even felt angry as I attempted to rewrite the past in my mind as a way of effecting change in the future. Again, it served no purpose other than to fuel my anger.

What I learned to do instead was to accept the past — good, bad, or downright ugly. Along with that acceptance, I learned to let go of the feelings that haunted me as well as the people attached to those feelings. When I saw this quote from Lily Tomlin today, it just reminded me of the necessity of putting the past into perspective by realizing that it won’t change.

I’m grateful for my past — every bit of it. I can’t change anything about the past, but I can certainly make an impact in my future. Life is far too short to dwell on hurtful things. Dwelling on your blessings is far more palatable than the former. I challenge you all to call to mind those you need to forgive. Oft times their crimes are terrible, but trust that the Just Judge will settle the score for you. In the meantime, make peace with the past so that the memories that haunt you finally die today. May blessings abound! <3

Before you leave today, I hope you enjoy my Music Monday selection from Matthew West entitled “Forgiveness.”

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