How Did He Speak To You?

Good morning, friends!  Happy Monday! I trust that your weekend was a good one. Did you fill your cup? There are always so many fun events to attend during the summer, and it’s virtually impossible to choose sometimes. I hope you made it to that concert series in the park or that beautiful outdoor wedding. Perhaps you got a massage or met a few friends for brunch. Maybe you just lounged on the couch all weekend because that’s what you really needed. No matter what you did or didn’t do, I hope that it benefited you.

Yesterday I spoke to you about sound advice and referenced John 10:1. Since we get messages all day long, it’s important to tune in to the ones from God. Spending time with him is essential to knowing his voice. His “true sheep” know his voice and will not be led astray by unfamiliar voices. It sounds like an easy task — to listen for God’s voice, but if you don’t know him yet, it might prove difficult.

What’s worthy of noting is that God speaks to us in various ways. Some have heard his voice while he speaks to others through their thoughts. I’ve even heard someone say that God speaks to her through her heart. He’s not limited in how he chooses to reach you, so expect the unexpected. You might hear a song, see a picture, read a billboard, or hear a familiar laugh. However he chooses to speak to you today, stop what you’re doing and listen up. May blessings abound! <3

How has God been speaking to you lately? Scroll down to the comments and share your experience with me.

Before you leave today, please take a moment to enjoy my Music Monday selection from Donnie McClurkin entitled “Speak to my Heart.”

7 Thoughts

  1. The other morning, as I was waking up, I had a song on my heart. I’m not sure of the title of the song, but it talks about God is moving. That was an answer to my prayers! I praised him all day for it!

  2. You are quite inspirational. I was sifting through WordPress this evening and just happened to stumble upon your blog post. Thank you for your words and I will be sure to follow you!

  3. I’m presently in a season where He speaks to me in silence. Strange as that may seem, it forces me to put everything, and I mean everything but basic food and water needs aside. Only through experience I know He will lift me higher than ever before – once I lay everything else down and stay with Him a while – reconnect with the Holy Spirit at a far more intimate level.

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