Who Do You See?

Good morning, friends!  Happy Monday! For all those who are preparing to go to work, may your day be filled with wonderful surprises. For those who have the day off, are retired, or are enjoying a nice summer break, do whatever brings you joy today.  Whether you’re going to work or not, we all have a job to do. I hope you take some time to discover what it is — your purpose for being here.

We all have a purpose — even those we sometimes ignore at intersections or outside stores, hoping to meet your eyes to ask for a hand out or a hand up. We’ve all had those encounters where we try to block out their seemingly urgent pleas for help. If they’re young and strong, we wonder why they’re not working. If they appear fragile and defeated, we wonder how they got that way. I know it’s hard to tell who really needs your help. Ultimately, you have options. You can offer them something or nothing at all.

If it were me, I’m not sure what would be more satisfying — a few bucks or a kind word, but a deaf ear and a blind eye tells me that I’m invisible to you. Some people feel invisible and they’re not asking for a hand out or a hand up. God says we’re fearfully and wonderfully made. Is that what you see? My prayer is that we could all see those we meet through God’s eyes today. Do yourself a favor and look at the man or the woman in the mirror through his eyes too. Now, tell me what do you see? May blessings abound! <3

My Music Monday selection for today is entitled “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath. Enjoy!

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