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Good morning, friends! I trust that you had a great weekend. Mine seemed to go by in a flash, but I’m eager to start the week despite feeling a little tired. Yesterday I wrote a post entitled The Struggle is Real. Sometimes I struggle with working a full-time job and finding the time to write two weekly posts. Writing is a passion of mine, but I sometimes struggle to publish what the Holy Spirit has prompted me to share. Deep down, however, I know that these messages are meant to be read by someone other than me, so I proofread each post and press publish.

After doing so on Sunday, I read a few articles and blog posts and noticed that people are struggling with all sorts of things — missing their dads on Father’s Day, eating disorders, body image issues, addictions, and fears of all kinds. I found myself stopping to pray because I was overwhelmed by all the feelings associated with their respective hurts. I even said a short prayer for myself since my own baggage can be a wee bit unwieldy.

What I realized after examining my thoughts through prayer is that our struggles don’t last forever. Praise God for that! Sometimes those struggles leave you feeling empowered once you’ve conquered them. Before you can even blink, here comes another struggle, but this one might look more like a molehill than a mountain. Whatever it is that’s in your way, you need to tackle it. If we begin to look at every struggle as just another obstacle that you have to face head on, you’re making a choice to be bold.  I know, I know. It’s not easy to be bold all the time. Sometimes you might just want to sit in the corner and just observe the mountain or the molehill for a while in hopes that it’ll move on to someone else.  I’ve learned that there are plenty of those to go around, and this one is meant especially for you.

Attempting to avoid these problems is also a choice, but the consequences associated with that choice aren’t desirable. Take a bold step today to tackle whatever is standing in your way, friends. I’d love to hear how God is making you stronger, wiser, and bolder. There’s a reason for it.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. ~Ephesians 2:10

I am completely ready to do all those good things that my Father planned specifically for me long ago. Are you? Step out and boldly tell that mountain to move. Roar if you want to. Know that God has your back, and I’m pulling for you too. May blessings abound! <3

Before you leave today, turn up the volume and rock out with Mandisa!






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  1. Great post and I’m ready to start my week being a little more bold, and a lot more hopeful for good things to come♡

  2. Sometimes it is hard to take the first step to tackle that mountain. Sometimes there are bumps along the way several feet into conquering that mountain. But what a feeling it is when it is done. It really does make you stronger even if the outcome isn’t what you thought it would or should be. The fact you did is never a disappointment. I think most people don’t realize everyone around has something in their way. We are not alone! And we should be conscious that others could be in the midst of their own climb. Patience and support it was we need and should offer one another.

  3. Thanks so much for this post! I just wrote a post about the struggles we have been dealing with and was so encouraged by your words.. blessings…

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