Sunrise Sermon: Good News

As you prepare to leave home and greet the world today, be intentional about what you listen to and mindful of how you react. American educator Stephen Covey said, Between stimulus and response, there is choice. We always have choices. Even though there may not be much space between the stimulus and your response, there’s still enough time and space to choose wisely. Today, I will choose to dwell on good things — find the joy in my life — and look intently for the silver lining. I hope you’ll join me in this shift in thinking. After all, I know I’ll need an accountability partner to call me out whenever I veer off course, and I expect that I will at some point. Nevertheless, I aim to be more positive and to disconnect from energy drainers and constant complainers.

I ran across a verse in Romans 10 one morning last week that I had never seen before. Chances are, I had read it before, but it never spoke to me before that day. Try to paint a picture of this verse as you slowly read it and read it again.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! ~Romans 10:15

Did it prompt you to smile? Did you see the face of someone who often shares good news? Perhaps you even conjured up images of pretty feet. Who knows! All I know is that the bearer of good news is always welcomed with open arms in my world. I savor their words and look forward to their next visit. We hear so many negative messages from different sources throughout the day. Whether it’s from watching the news 24/7, reading the newspaper, or going to church. We just can’t escape it unless we disconnect. You expect to hear good news at church, but it seems that the world and the church are wearing matching outfits. If you take a cursory glance, you may not be able to distinguish one from the other. For that reason alone, we need to slow down, take a closer look, and seek to flesh out something good. There’s plenty of it around, but we must be intentional if we are to find it. In all things, seek God’s guidance, and he will provide you with clarity.

Lord God, thank you for all those who bring good news. May we delight in what they have to say and may we carry that feeling with us all day. I ask that you use each of us as  well, Lord. Let us be your messengers — your bearers of good news. It is my pleasure to serve as your hands and feet today and always.  Send us along the unpaved paths to places where no one willingly goes so that all who live there will be blessed by the good news, be given hope, and learn of your wonderful plan for their lives. Let everything that has breath praise you, Lord and seek to make you smile. Amen.

Have a beautiful Sunday, and may blessings abound! <3


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  1. “Church and the world wearing matching outfits” so sad but true, the compromise certainly is on the church side. We have a much more “worldly church” than “churchy world.” Beautiful prayer.

  2. That’s good advice to distance yourself from complainers, but you know what? I’m the one who complains most inside my head! That’s where the trouble starts for me. I’m going to try to squash those useless, negative thoughts before a frown hits my face. Thanks for the challenge.

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