Sunrise Sermon: It’s Her Day


From the time we were conceived, we were loved with as much strength as the human heart can muster. Most of us would do anything for mom. An even greater love comes from God our Father. His love has no limits — a love that our minds lack the capacity to understand. Would you also do anything for him — the one who loves you most?  He asks us to honor our mothers and fathers. Surely we can do that for him and for them.

That doesn’t seem so hard to do as we get older and start to appreciate our parents’ wisdom. Personally, I’d like a do over for my teenage years as I was most likely temporarily insane. I had to be hard to love at that stage, but my mom stuck it out. The incessant eye rolling and bad attitude was enough to make any mom flee, but mine stayed put. I owe her so much more than flowers, cash, and phone calls. I owe her my life. She still drives me nuts sometimes, but I treasure the time I get to spend with her: experimenting in the kitchen, shopping, drinking coffee on the porch, and reliving days gone by. You can’t put a price tag on those moments; they’re just too precious.

If your mom is still with you, honor her today and for the rest of her days. Even if she wants to go to Walmart and browse for hours, go to Walmart and like it. If your mom is no longer with you in the flesh, she’s still with you in spirit, and your heart beats because of her. What a wonderful gift — life! Honor her memory today and always. Spend the day with people who knew her and loved her. Get out and do some of the things that she loved — pick a few flowers from your garden, cook a nice meal, wear a big hat, or serve others who may need your smile (which is probably a lot like her smile). When you honor your parents, you also honor God. May blessings abound! <3

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