Sunrise Sermon: He Has Risen

Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. Have you? Our risen Lord is alive and well. You, too, should awaken from your deep sleep and begin to live again. Have you noticed that others are moving up and moving on? If the answer is yes, then you probably have been sitting in the same spot  for a while — watching everyone else live as you literally wait to die. It’s time to wake up, rise up, remove the stone, and ascend to new heights.


Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD. ~Psalms 150:6

Thank God for your life and begin to live it. We all get stuck occasionally, and it’s difficult to get moving again. It’s as if our minds are willing, but our bodies aren’t listening. Do whatever it takes to get your mind and body connected.  Use your divine connection for direction. Only he knows the way that you should go. Sometimes, you can pull yourself out of the fog you’ve been sitting in. Other times, you may need friends and family to intervene. Believe it or not, no one enjoys watching you sit there except the enemy. He loves an idle mind. His best work is created there. Don’t allow him to squat in your mind. Wake up, rise up, move the stone, and ascend to new heights. Today we rejoice because you, too, have risen.

May blessings abound! <3


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4 Thoughts

  1. He is risen indeed! Thanks be to God! Alleluia, Alleluia!
    Happy Easter from Cajun Country!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    great post.For some people that stone is to overweight.
    But if you asking me, we must move it to have a great life.
    Thank you

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