The Battle: Man v/s Society

How difficult is it to be a God-fearing, bible-thumpin’, praising & worshiping, tithing & offering Jesus Freak in 2017? How about just defining where you are in your walk with the Lord — if you’re walking with him at all? If you were asked to take this survey anonymously, what would you check? What if you were asked to include your name, would you check the same box(es)? Think about it, and then join me in the comments before reading the rest of the post.

Got God

We’re asked to take surveys all the time.When businesses send them to you via e-mail after providing some type of service, they want you to tell them how well they’re doing. In order to grow as a company, they need your honest feedback. You have probably seen trucks driving around town with a sign on the back that reads How’s my driving? Whether you have done business with them or not, they want to hear from you. There’s also a number to call for drivers to give feedback. Think about how many times during the day that you’re asked to give feedback.

I know that I ask for feedback on these posts — directly and indirectly. Sometimes I just ask you to share them if they resonate with you. Other times I’m more bold with my requests by asking you to share and tag a friend. How comfortable are you about honoring my requests? Surely you struggle with that decision. If you share it, does that make you a Jesus Freak? If you don’t, does that mean you’re undecided? Not every person on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a believer. Many of them knew you from years ago when you weren’t living this life, so I understand the struggle. Who in the world is going to believe that you turned your life around?

Guess who else is struggling. Me! It’s not easy for me to ask you to read — especially when the Holy Spirit prompts me to write longer posts like this one, but I know it’s necessary. By allowing readers to comment, I’m also asking for feedback indirectly. Why do I take the time to ask for your input each week? It’s not because I’m a bratty, only child who demands that you give me your attention. Well, I am a little bratty at times, and I am an only child, but that’s as far as the similarities go. It’s because I want to grow too. I even added a Contact page  a year ago so that you could help me discover and discuss topics that are relevant to you.  I just want to be obedient and do my part to serve others who want to grow.

Wearing this Christian blogger/business owner hat is easy in cyberspace. Everyone here knows where I stand. It is my hope that every person I encounter also knows who I am and whose I am, but there’s a struggle attached to this journey. When people know you have a relationship with God, they’re watching you intently. Some are waiting for you to mess up; others are shocked and confused when you fall. There are even those who are praying that you get back up while others hope you stay there.

Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins. ~ Ecclesiastes 7:20

The truth of the matter is that we all fall short, and we all sin daily — even when we don’t intend to. Try not to focus on my human failings, fellow human. We ALL fall short. I can only speak for myself, but I don’t wake up each day with the intention of being argumentative or unaccommodating, but sometimes that’s exactly how my day plays out. When you’re working for God, you’re going to clash with the world. There’s no way around it. We can’t conform to the customs of the world because it’s just easier to fit in; we were set apart to stand out and stand firmly. No one said this life would be easy. We’re at war every day. For that reason, we must seek wise counsel and surround ourselves with other believers so that we may continually grow. More important than that is immersing ourselves in the word of God each day so that we’re armed for battle.

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. ~Psalms 119:105

You will meet with opposition every day, so remember to use some of the battle strategies I shared with you in Man v/s Man. There will be obstacles in your path, so figure out a way to get around them, get over them, or bust right through that thing. Boom! Sometimes you’ll win, and sometimes you’ll lose, but losing isn’t so bad. You see, what happens when you lose is that you go right back to your Battle Buddy — your Divine Strategist — the Man with the Plan, and he has already overcome the world. May blessings abound! <3

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  1. I’ve learned the more you learn who you are in Christ the struggle with society seems to lessen. You will have the tendency to become content in knowing you are loved and accepted by the Creator than to strive for the acceptance of society. It seems your focus become more on obedience to God’s perfect will for your life than what man thinks.

  2. I loved this, “When you’re working for God, you’re going to clash with the world.” So true! And yet we forget sometimes that we should and that’s ok because greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world. Thank you for honesty and for reminding us that even in losing, we already have won because He overcame this world and it redirects us back to our “Battle Buddy and Divine Strategist”!

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