The Battle: Man v/s Man

Good morning, friends!  If you’re reading this post, that means that you have work to do, and I’m not talking about that awesome 9 to 5 you’re heading to in a few short hours; I’m talking about your purpose — the reason that you exist! Every day is an opportunity to serve those around you by using your talents, abilities, and gifts. Are you taking advantage of these opportunities? Just think of your purpose as a mission. As always, I’m mission-minded and singing a song.

Rolling down the street praising Jesus, sippin’ on iced green tea

Laid-back, with my mind on my mission and my mission on my mind.

~Allusion to Snoop Dogg’s Gin & Juice

Sometimes a song will enter your head, and you have to switch up the lyrics a little (or in this case, a lot) to get you in the right space for doing what God wants you to do each day. That’s part of the battle within that I wrote about yesterday. The internal conflict that we face sometimes just needs to be resolved. A timely brain break and a subsequent peace treaty with yourself is the best solution so that you’re not fighting too many battles at once. What might that look like? A brisk walk outside, yoga, or a quiet prayer may be all you need to achieve equilibrium.

Once you’re at peace in your mind, just know that you can’t remain at peace. Be prepared to battle others. You know you’ll encounter opposition at home, on the road, at your fave breakfast stop, or at work, but we get so comfortable at times of peace that we fail to acknowledge that not everyone you encounter will also be at peace within. Just know that you already have the Victory in Christ Jesus, now act like you know him!

Strategies for Facing Opposition

  1. Breath – Breathing is a life saver. Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. A quick response is rarely the right response when faced with opposition. Take the time to inhale and exhale — again if necessary.
  2. Assess – As you’re breathing, assess the situation. Is this person angry with you, or are you just in the line of fire? Not all battles are yours to fight.
  3. Temper – Take the time to temper your fleshly response. As you’re breathing and assessing the situation, keep in mind who you represent. You’re a child of the Most High God. Act like it.
  4. Teach – Use your actions to teach others how to treat you. Respond in a dignified way even when you feel the situation warrants something different. Prove that you are who you say you are — a child of the Most High God.
  5. Listen & Look – Use those two ears to listen. You might hear a cry for help wrapped in a bad attitude. Look past the attitude and into the heart of the matter. You’re equipped to see beyond what’s in front of you merely by using your senses.
  6. Expect – As you’re facing opposition, expect God to be right there in the midst of it. He’s coaching you and cheering you on as you use the tools he gave you. Can you imagine God cheering you on — saying “That’s my child!”

If you find yourself in a battle today, remember to use these strategies. You’re guaranteed a win if you do!  May blessings abound! <3

Before you leave today, check out my Music Monday selection by Tye Tribbett entitled “Victory.” Also, if you missed Part I of this four-part series, read it here. Ready for part three? Read it here.

28 Thoughts

  1. These are great tips for dealing with a hostile person too. Breathing deeply helps me when I stop and do it.

  2. We definitely need to be mindful of our actions. It is important to always have the respect of others. It’s not always possible, but we need to try by not acting a fool when and wherever.

  3. Such great points Michelle, thanks for the reminders! Lol, were you able to save any of Snoop Dog’s lyrics??? 😉 Breathing really is a lifesaver! xo

  4. LOVE this! The strategies you provided are all practical and easy to remember. The hard part is being cognizant of these things during the opposition. Great post.

  5. Very important tips to start the day. I always like to start off by taking a deep breath. I have also found myself in situations where the other party is either angry or giving an attitude instead of retaliating I would do just what you said listen and look.

    1. Breathing is the easiest way to avoid a blowup. I try to physically take a step back if possible as well. Proximity can get you in trouble — especially if you’re too close. 🙂

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