Say Amen

Good morning, friends! Praise God Almighty for waking you up this morning. I hope he places a song in your heart today like he did mine so that you can praise him all day long. If he doesn’t give you one, he gave me one to share with you that will have you singing all day.

I absolutely love music — listening to it and singing along. It just has the power to transport, and in some cases, transform your thinking. For me, it just puts me in the right state to encourage, pray, and serve. As I drive into work each week day, I listen to Sirius XM’s Christian stations: The Message and Kirk Franklin’s Radio Station. One morning last week as I was fumbling with the radio, I skipped past my two favorites to what sounded like a Country station. Before I could change the station, “Say Amen” came on, and I’ve been singing it ever since. Truth be told, I thought this song was a Country rendition of Howard Hewitt’s “Say Amen,” so I braced myself for it and was prepared not to like it. Some songs just aren’t as moving when they’re remade. To my surprise, it wasn’t the Howard Hewitt song that I love so much; it was a new worship song to add to my arsenal that I’ve been singing every day since I first heard it.

Life is a lot like that experience. God will take you down a familiar path, and at the last minute, he’ll redirect you. Often times it’s to protect you or direct you to the path you need to be on in order to change and grow. When you get there, you’re already convinced you won’t like it, but almost instantly, you see why he took you there. And if you’re smart, you’ll thank him for being a good, good father.

A man’s steps are established by the LORD, and the LORD delights in his way. ~ Psalm 37:23

I’m delighted that God’s Positioning System (GPS) brought me here. I wouldn’t have come here on my own. Nashville had become my home, and I loved it there. When God forced me to choose between my comfort zone and the man he chose to become my husband, I was devastated. I knew I would choose this man I had fallen in love with, but my life was in Nashville. Everything that I had worked so hard for was in Nashville. Looking back, I now know that I had grown as much as I could there, and it was time to uproot and replant elsewhere. I’ve been fortunate to bloom here — both spiritually and professionally. He has shown me that there’s hope during devastation, and there’s hope after it. Knowing God has helped me to traverse some of the darkest roads I never thought I’d have to travel along, but I was enveloped in his safety, and for that I say Amen.

Before you leave today, please spend a few minutes listening to my Music Monday selection by Brian Free & Assurance entitled “Say Amen.” May blessings abound! <3

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